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Working with Depression, Sadness, Grief, the Blues, and the Blahs

At one time or another, like almost everyone, you have probably experienced the blues. Situational depression results naturally from many of life’s hurts, like divorce, death of a family member, prolonged illness, or loss of a job. If this is your experience with depression, sadness, or grief, I am available to help, with short term therapy or grief counseling to help pull you through. 

When you are ready to discuss how we might deal with your situational depression, please call me at 303-722-6606 or drop me an e-mail at

What to do 
When Depression Becomes Disabling

On the other hand, when suffering goes on so long or becomes so deep as to become disabling, depth psychotherapeutic work and longer term therapy may be called for.  

If you are feeling depressed, blue, or unaccountably sad and would like to talk about what to do about it, please call me at 303-722-6606, or e-mail 

As a Jungian Psychotherapist, I will work with you to help you gain relief from sadness or grief and identify a path through your depression which leads toward greater joy in life and a broader range of emotions and experiences.

A Depth Psychotherapy Approach to Depression 
Yet for many sufferers from depression, relief from their sadness is only the starting point, for it is often only after the sadness lifts, that you may hear a wise voice speaking to you from your depression.

Always, this is a voice worth listening to. 

The Voice which Speaks to You through Depression 

Together, you and I will listen to what your inner voice asks of you.
In the metaphor of depth psychology, your passion has gone underground and the swamp into which it has sunk may seem bottomless. Yet always, in life and old stories, there is a bottom and a bottoming out, and it is here that your energy and desires may lie buried.

Here, surprisingly, we may discover your foundation for a richer, more invigorating life. From this place, you may return with the boon of renewed psychological health.

Depth Psychotherapy and Recovery of Soul

In this way of working, depression is not only an enemy to be defeated, but also a guide, like Ariadne's thread, Virgil, or the Star of Bethlehem, and what may be found at the end of all your hard work is the treasure which was rightfully yours in the first place.

Should you choose to work with me in this way, I will accompany you into wherever you are called to go. Our task is to recover that authentic part of your soul which is lost, bring it home, and re-integrate it into your life.

When you want to explore the possibility of Depth Psychotherapy, please call me at 303-722-6606 or e-mail with any further questions you may have or to arrange your FREE, no-obligation Initial Consultation.
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