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Helping You with Relationship Troubles

I work, sensitively and confidentially, to help individuals, couples, and families navigate through difficult life transitions, relationship problems, and trauma and triangulation within families and between family members.

Deeper, Healthier Love Relationships

As a result of our work together, you may anticipate experiencing a better sense of who you are and deeper, more healthy relationships with those you most care about.

Improving Communications,
Re-Building Respect, & Enhancing Intimacy

For many couples, the usual methods of marriage and relationship counseling are sufficient. All you need may be improved communications, deeper respect for each other, or a few tools for removing the common barriers to intimacy which keep you from fully giving and fully experiencing your love.

If that seems like the path you and your partner might consider taking, please call me at 303-722-6606 or drop me an e-mail at to schedule your free initial consultation.

We'll discuss a course of couples and/or individual sessions to help smooth out some of the bumps in the road of your relationship.

Working In-Depth with the More Deeply Troubling Relationship Problems You May be Encountering

For some couples, on the other hand, something deeper and more troublesome may lurk, frequently barely recognized, often just beneath the surface.

For some, for example, toxic residue and bad habits left over from a previous bad relationship may be causing you or your partner to hold back, stressing you both and sabotaging the intimacy of your relationship. For other couples, original family issues, like shame, abuse, and other old wounds, may have created walls in your heart or your partner's so rigid as to be impervious to your finest love and most strenuous of traditional therapeutic interventions. 

Issues like these are often largely unconscious, and therefore not easily accessible through counseling methods you may already have tried.

If you find yourselves worried, unaccountably and beyond all reason, about where your relationship is headed; or saddened by an inexplicable darkening of or heaviness in your love; or in frequent arguments disportionate to the slights which catalyzed them, please call me at 303-722-6606, or drop me an e-mail at

We'll discuss how a depth approach to couples counseling may put you back on track for the less quarrelsome, far deeper love relationship you imagined for the two of you in the first place.

Whoever You Are, Whatever Your Life Circumstances . . .

I work successfully with people of all ages, races, religious beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, and life circumstances.

Call or E-Mail for Your FREE Initial Consultation

When you want to explore the possibility of marital counseling, couples depth work or family psychotherapy, please call me at 303-722-6606 to arrange your FREE, No-Obligation Initial Consultation. Or e-mail me at

Together, we will set a course toward the richer, more satisfying relationship you deserve.































































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