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What to do about Anxiety, Edginess, Stress, Angst, Worries, and Troubled Sleep

Worries are natural part of living. Often, they signal a need for change, get us moving, and may even suggest a new direction.

In anxious moments, however, it is hard to hear that authentic voice within you advocating change. At times like this, therapy can help. 

If you'd like to arrange a time when we can discuss how we might approach such situational anxiety, please call 303-722-6606 or send me an e-mail at

Together we will listen for subtle signals hidden in your anxiety, tend the sometimes confusing images of your dreams, and re-imagine a more authentic, more deeply personally satisfying life for you. 

Phobias, Fears, Insomnia, Nightmares, PTSD, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

What to do when Anxiety Becomes Debilitating
Sometimes, too, anxiety may grow so large that the only choice may be to first deal with its symptoms through therapy, medications, or both. At other times, the coping mechanisms adopted to deal with your anxiety, though initially effective, may themselves become the problem.

For example, the recurring thought patterns and behavioral rituals of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder may help hold back an overwhelming sea of angst, but may also dam joy in life. Insomnia protects against the dark forces of night by keeping you awake, but also has the potential to destroy your health and jeopardize your relationships and job performance. 

Paradoxically, buried deeply within Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is the great psychic wisdom of working through the disturbing events which catalyzed the troubles in the first place. Yet when working through takes the form of recurring nightmares, angry outbursts, and prolonged sadness, the deep wisdom within your PTSD may no longer be recognizable.

How Jungian Psychotherapy Can Work For You

In situations like these, we may choose first to work to better understand what troubles you and help quiet the demons at work in your unconscious, and then to re-connect you with your own deep capacity for healing to restore vitality and Soulfulness to your life. 

When you are ready to explore the possibility of Jungian Depth Psychotherapy for your anxiety, have questions, or would like to schedule your FREE initial consultation, please call me at 303-722-6606 or drop me an e-mail at

Please call 303-722-6606. I look forward to hearing from you.

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