Peder Furuseth, MA, LPC
Jungian Psychotherapist &
Licensed Professional Counselor

DepthWorks Inc
190 E 9th Ave, Ste 480, Denver CO 80203

Individual Psychotherapy
Relationship Counseling
Marriage/Family Therapy
Depression, Anxiety, Stress
Job Change/Career Problems
Insomnia/Trouble Sleeping
Depth & Imaginal Therapy
Sandplay Therapy

Life Transitions
Old Wounds
Feeling Stuck
Partner Relational Issue
Relationship Counseling
Family Therapy
Depth Work for Couples
Worries and Stress
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Working toward a  Meaningful, More Deeply Satisfying Life

If you feel stuck, worried, anxious, or depressed; if your life no longer seems meaningful; or if things just don't flow as smoothly as they once did, you needn’t be alone. I will accompany you as we work through your present difficulties and re-set your life's course on a path toward a richer, fuller, more satisfying life.  

   . Accepting New Clients
   . Short or Long Term Psychotherapy
   . Flexible Scheduling
   . Sliding Scale
   . FREE Initial Consultation
   . Jungian, Depth, and Archetypal Therapy
   . Cognitive Behavioral - Solution Focused
   . Dream, Depth, and Imaginal Work
   . Central Denver Location

How We Might Work Together

This depth way of working together is more about psychic reclaimation than medicine, more about caring for soul than body or mind, though we may do that, too. Rarely is it about "fixing" or "making normal"; always it is about reclaiming integrity and re-grounding your life.

The words at the left are buttons describing some of the reasons people come to me. Please click on the one which best describes your situation, then scroll down the page it takes you to until you find the section which discusses possible approaches to what troubles you.

Once you find what you are looking for and feel satisfied that we might be able to make progress together, please call me at 303-722-6606 or send me an e-mail at I will be happy to answer any questions you still have or arrange for your FREE no-obligation initial consultation.

Discovering Your Personal Potential for Healing

I will accompany you as we work through whatever troubles you, listening patiently to your needs and deeply respecting your life experiences and personal potential for healing.

I offer a confidential psychotherapeutic working environment, FREE initial consultation, and flexible scheduling.

Free Initial Consultation

When you want to explore the possibility of psychotherapy, simply ask some questions or to arrange a FREE one-half hour initial consultation -- in person or on the phone -- please call me at 303-722-6606 or send me an e-mail me at I will be happy to discuss, in detail, how my unique approach to counseling can help you find peace, wholeness, and greater satisfaction in your life.

Psychotherapy and Counseling in Denver, Peder Furuseth, MA, Jungian therapist and counselor. Care for anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship issues, life transitions and career problems. Denver and Colorado Front Range Communities.


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